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-case study

brake plus


A multi-million dollar B2B company focused on saving lives through their innovative safety device

A module that enhances your 3rd brake light so it pulses 4 times, and then goes solid, every time you hit the brake. This drastically decreases the likelihood you’ll be in a rear-end collision.

Inconsistent Messaging

As well as inconsistent branding, contradicting information and confusing statistics.


Renovated all branded materials: social media sites, website, emails, printed materials and so on so they are uniform, professional and high-quality. Updated logo for a more composed and modern look.


A well-branded company image so Brake Plus can confidently approach multinational organizations, governments, and countries, with a distinguished composure. Increased brand recognition and retention along with customers viewing Brake Plus as a more legitimate and serious company.

Limited Marketing Peripherals

For promotion to current and future clients. Unprofessional presentation at trade shows and booth events.


Analyzed current systems and future goals of company, then created targeted marketing messages and calls-to-action based on each sector served. Created a complete branding system for events with high-end professional appearance: table drape, large-scale backdrop, business cards, presentation folder, brochure, rack card, custom pens, give-away items, silent loop video with targeted messaging and imagery.


A more focused way for each customer segment to interact with Brake Plus, resulting in an increase in sales, customers and client retention.

No Systems in Place

For information collection, dissemination and coordination, thus leaving clients and staff confused or uninformed.


Centralized multiple data sources into one place, so the information can serve Brake Plus’ representatives and customers, be available 24/7, and offer the most current information, documentation, downloads, branding materials and statistics.


Brake Plus is now able to use the collected data to:
  • make important company and business choices
  • Establish an email marketing campaign
  • connect with customers on a regular and meaningful basis
  • easily update their staff, customers and management