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About Orlof's

This video is about Orlof's and what we do here.

When it comes to websites: watching > reading. So, sit back. Relax. We've got you, bro.


We've made mistakes—human ones. Then we learned how to kick ass.



With a solid base of national and international clients, we're running like we have scissors in our hands!


OUR +1

We've hired and fired many people over the years. When that got old, we brought in someone else to do it. Enter: Melissa.



Systems go a long way to making clients happy, and Orlof's loves happy clients. Invoicing software, 24/7 file availability, auto backups and other super cool stuff.



Orlof's moves out of working with small-time biz, and shifts into working with multi-million skrilla organizations.



Orlof's plateaus. The time-for-money exchange stalls. A new plan needs developing. What to do?



2011 was such old news. It was time for a new, fresh image "that really pops!"



Orlof's begins giving back to the community via free design services for super lucky businesses.



What began in California now moves to Utah. Why? Why not?



After many adjustments, Orlof's becomes a well-oiled machine. Clients are flowing in and work is steady—it only took selling 1 kidney.



Orlof learns that it costs money when you do stupid things. Thankfully, he learned quickly and began developing an actual business structure and organization.



Jonny makes his first skrilla slangin' designs. He thinks "perhaps this could be a good 'side thing.'"


Try not to get emotional.

I cannot say enough nice things about working with Orlof's! What a blessing! I knew I needed more to my web design and marketing but I didn't know what and I certainly didn't know where to start. Jonathan jumped right in and made so many great suggestions and changes. He made my life easier. I am constantly on the go and not easy to pin down and Jonathan was so patient. I am so happy with everything he has done for us. We have used him on multiple projects since and have always had the same great service and professionalism. If there was one thing I could change it would be that he didn't live so far away. He's so fun to work with i'd like to be able to go out and celebrate after each project is finished. I guess I can't have it all.....

Michelle H.

Brake Plus USA

"Not only is [Jonny] one of the most awesome people I have ever had the privilege to know, he is absolutely amazing in everything you could need for your business. I couldn't be happier with my experience, and I'm excited to be a continued client!"

Jess P.

Capital Cleaning SLC

I would like to thank Jonathan from Orlof's House of Design. Jonathan has helped our wood truss company with a marketing plan along with implementing all of the needed steps to update our look and be more present and professional to our clients and customers. He even flew to NW Arkansas to speak with our sales staff on marketing needs they thought would help in the field. He is easy to work with and get ahold of and gets work done promptly. Professionalism and execution of assignments are done timely, and any changes needed are prompt (as in while you are still discussing what you want to be changed). Not only has he helped with our business, but we have also hired him to help the Non-profit my husband, and I are on the board of, Children's Heaven. His ideas for this 13-year organization finally flourish helped relieve unnecessary stress. He tells me what he needs, and I send him the paperwork. From there he compiles a rough draft from all my emails, and we are set to move forward. If you want someone that knows what they are doing, helps reduce your workload and get you results you can not go wrong hiring this company. You will receive one on one personalized attention, someone that listens to what you wants, attention detail, professionalism, timely turnaround and positive energy.

Majesta H.

Latco Truss

Jonathan and his team are professionals. We've been working with them on multiple print projects. Quick turn-around on projects and professional, clean designs are the norm.... Looking forward to working with these guys more on future projects.

Easton N.

KFM Brands