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To fix weak-ass branding, and get it on-track—no foolin’! We make previous company brands look like toddlers did them. Once we’re done there, we create genius-level marketing menageries that seem so simple they leave folks flabbergasted. The more simple, the more genius - that’s what we always say. I mean, we say a lot of stuff, but that one’s pretty up there.

We’re going to do this because we care—that’s right, ya big lug, we like you: that’s why we’re working with you. Expect high-fives and hugs. Not a hugger? You will be when your company's revenue explodes!

We only work with the best. So, when we choose you, it means we won’t stop until we get you the branding and marketing your company deserves. Double pinky promise, and no take-backsies.


To guide and assist organizations towards success.


Opening a world of possibilities to our clients, and seeing them succeed beyond their wildest dreams.


We listen. Carefully.
We smash deadlines.
We nurture our clients.
We are honest and direct.
We set realistic expectations.

About Orlof's

This video is about Orlof's and what we do here.

When it comes to websites: watching > reading. So, sit back. Relax. We've got you, bro.


Orlof's has been around a while, and we've got the wrinkles to prove it!

2005—right now

With over 15 years in the game, let our experience help your company succeed. We've worked across a multitude of industries, local and international companies, large corporations, and small start-ups. We've had the pleasure of meeting all kinds of people, helping them reach their goals, and assisting in their company's successes.


Try not to get emotional.

I cannot say enough nice things about working with Orlof's! What a blessing! I knew I needed more to my web design and marketing but I didn't know what and I certainly didn't know where to start. Jonathan jumped right in and made so many great suggestions and changes. He made my life easier. I am constantly on the go and not easy to pin down and Jonathan was so patient. I am so happy with everything he has done for us. We have used him on multiple projects since and have always had the same great service and professionalism. If there was one thing I could change it would be that he didn't live so far away. He's so fun to work with i'd like to be able to go out and celebrate after each project is finished. I guess I can't have it all.....

Michelle H.

Brake Plus USA

"Not only is [Jonny] one of the most awesome people I have ever had the privilege to know, he is absolutely amazing in everything you could need for your business. I couldn't be happier with my experience, and I'm excited to be a continued client!"

Jess P.

Capital Cleaning SLC

I would like to thank Jonathan from Orlof's House of Design. Jonathan has helped our wood truss company with a marketing plan along with implementing all of the needed steps to update our look and be more present and professional to our clients and customers. He even flew to NW Arkansas to speak with our sales staff on marketing needs they thought would help in the field. He is easy to work with and get ahold of and gets work done promptly. Professionalism and execution of assignments are done timely, and any changes needed are prompt (as in while you are still discussing what you want to be changed). Not only has he helped with our business, but we have also hired him to help the Non-profit my husband, and I are on the board of, Children's Heaven. His ideas for this 13-year organization finally flourish helped relieve unnecessary stress. He tells me what he needs, and I send him the paperwork. From there he compiles a rough draft from all my emails, and we are set to move forward. If you want someone that knows what they are doing, helps reduce your workload and get you results you can not go wrong hiring this company. You will receive one on one personalized attention, someone that listens to what you wants, attention detail, professionalism, timely turnaround and positive energy.

Majesta H.

Latco Truss

Jonathan and his team are professionals. We've been working with them on multiple print projects. Quick turn-around on projects and professional, clean designs are the norm.... Looking forward to working with these guys more on future projects.

Easton N.

KFM Brands

About Jonny

Mildly interesting information about a dude you might know.

The founder of Orlof’s, Jonathan Orlofsky, began the company in a tiny California bedroom with a dream and a vision. He knew there were many graphic designers out there, but very few good ones. He’d heard tales of designers disappearing for months at a time, or taking people's money and running. It was obvious to Jonathan that there was a need for quality, honest people doing design work.

Soon after, he quit his job at a mortgage company and started Orlof’s. His passion for helping companies emerge, grow, and prosper fuels his work.

rap sheet

Jonny's done some stuff. It may surprise you.

Pro Sports Team Owner

That's right—this dude not only used to own a pro sports team, he also built it from the ground up.

The team was called the Salt Lake Lions, and they competed in the AUDL: a north american league. He had 70 people working for him, 30+ partner companies and 100+ other organizations involved with the Lions.

All aboard!

Sometimes Jonny gets asked to sit on a board for a company. Apparently some people think he knows stuff.

He served on an international non-profit's board, Children's Heaven, for over a year. He spent 2 years dishing out advice as the communications chair for a Utah non-profit. He's spent many years organizing special events, coordinating between organizations, and developing systems.

1,000 and counting

When you work in the biz for 15+ years, you get to know a few things. Jonny's design rap sheet includes:
100+ private clients
300+ national and international beer brands
600+ grocery stores, bars, night clubs, convenience stores, restaurants, and food trucks

almost famous

Television, newspapers, radio, online publications: Jonny has had the honor of being interviewed for various reasons. Just what he needed: one more reason to talk.


For 13+ years, Jonny worked all over the USA as a Massage Therapist. He's worked alongside Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Estheticians, Doctors, Chiropractors and more. His extensive experience, knowledge and education earned him the exclusive title of Master Bodyworker.